Words, Images and Imagination – Andrew Pratt

This unique collection of original poems, watercolour prints and photos, all by the author, explores life in all its fullness – relationships, conflict, hope, time, age, memory and mortality. Reflecting the author's upbringing by the sea in Devon, his training as a Marine biologist and his ministry in the Methodist Church, images of the sea and faith are lightly woven through its fabric.

A first collection of poetry and art by an internationally published writer of over 1500 hymns.

· ISBN-13 : 978-1784567408

· ISBN-10 : 178456740X

· Publisher : Upfront Publishing

· Price (UK) £8 Available from the Author HERE and also on Amazon

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PASTOR JOHN – A Practical Interpretation of St. John’s Gospel

May I, I hope appropriately, commend to you a new book by my father, the Revd Brian Tebbutt, for which a book flyer is attached HERE. Dad has spent his working life as a Methodist minister, and this book represents the distillation of his theological and pastoral experience and insights in a study of the first four chapters of St John's Gospel. You will see from the flyer that it carries a number of recommendations, so I wonder whether you might be willing to include it with any regular mailing to draw it to the attention of lay and ordained colleagues for individual and group study and reflection, if that is possible? (The original intention had been to send out flyers for distribution through circuit boxes at synods, but timings and the non-physical meetings of synods in September given the pandemic put paid to this.)

The Revd Dr James N. Tebbutt

Chair of the Cumbria District of the Methodist Church