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A Preston West Church




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A Preston West Church






The Church in Preston

23rd Aug 2021   

Trust that your summer is going well and that your church is back to worshipping in person; perhaps not fully yet but there is light ahead!  Comment from one Preston Church:We had our biggest congregation last Sunday and it lifted my spirits a lot. It could be coincidental, but we reintroduced tea/coffee and cake afterwards....!! 

Aiming now for the next mailing to be in just over a month, please let me have details to share of any major events by Sunday 26th September



Main news: 

1. Salvation Army Foodbank – food donations urgently needed – see below 

2. Sun 5th Sept: "Climate Sunday" see below 

3. September’s Online Retreats with Donna Worthington see below 

4. Tue 7th Sept at 7.45am: restart of ‘Praying for Preston see below 

5. Sat 25th Sept, 2.00pm: Preston Street Pastors invite see below & attached

6. Thurs 30th Sept: CAP Job Club @ Penwortham see below & attached

7. The Olive Grove Community Cafe is looking for volunteerssee below & attached 


1. Salvation Army Foodbank - food donations urgently needed 

The Foodbank at Salvation Army is running drastically short of food at present.  We have lots of cereal and pasta, however not much of everything else. 

Our main needs are  

Longlife milk,     sugar,      tinned soup,                tinned spaghetti hoops,           tinned potatoes,          tinned vegetables,       jars of pasta sauce,     

tinned rice pudding,    biscuits and coffee.   

Any help with the above would be greatly appreciated.  The summer holidays are often difficult for families and they are continuing to need our help. The Foodbank is receiving and processing around 50 - 55 referrals a week; they then support each family with around 5-7 days worth of food.  If stock levels do not increase they are in discussion about the possibility of having to reduce this down to 3-5 days worth. Anything you are able to provide is greatly appreciated. The Salvation Army Centre is on Harrington Street (PR1 7BN), accessed from Moor Lane. Thank you. [Claire and Natalie] 

2. Sun 5th Sept: "Climate Sunday" 

Churches across denominations in England have designated 5 September "Climate Sunday". It falls within "The Season of Creation" which runs from 1 September until 4 October (The Feast of St Francis). As human beings, we strive to protect what we value. Many of our environmental problems arise because we value what humans have made instead of what God made - and we have taken ‘Our Common Home’ for granted.  It is time to change. 

Climate Sunday provides an opportunity for worship, thanks, reflection and commitment. It is also a public affirmation that we value God's wonderful gift of ‘Our Common Home’ and will strive to protect it. It is a positive act in a world so full of negativity and apathy. 

It would be wonderful if the worshipping communities in the Preston area could, in their own way, participate in this day of prayer and reflection.   www.climatesunday.org/            [Stephen Garsed] 

3. September’s Online Retreats with Donna Worthington 

Sun 5th September 2.00-5.00pm: ARIADNE’S THREAD - We journey into the maze, a red thread piercing the darkness and dancing its way back into the light…Ariadne’s thread is one of the most profound symbols in mythic stories. We will explore this compelling myth, with its maze, Minotaur and redemptive thread.  

Sat 18th September 2.00-5.00pm OR Mon 20th September 10.00am-1.00pm  

THE PARABLES?  Nice little stories or subversive arrows that turn things upside-down?  

Wed 29th September 6.30-9.00pm THE FIRE, THE WELL & THE CLOAK | Explore the spirituality of St Brigid and her compelling symbolism.  

All retreats cost £20, unless otherwise stated. For bookings, please see the website https://christianretreats.live or contact Donna Worthington                 

4. Tue 7th Sept, 7.45am: restart of ‘Praying for Preston’ – please send an email to Andy for details.

5. Sat 25th Sept, 2.00pm: Preston Street Pastors invite and see attached 

Preston Street Pastors invite you to pop in and see them on Saturday afternoon 25th September 2-4pm. You can find out how you can support them, pray for them, and have your questions answered about joining them! Chat over a coffee about training, prayer support and maybe even take up an opportunity to try it out one night!  Central Methodist Church, Lune Street PR1 2NL.  [Paul Blackett]preston@streetpastors.org.uk 

6. Thurs 30th Sept: CAP Job Club @ Penwortham Community Centre  and see attached
See attached for poster of the next series starting on 30th September.  This will be our 30th programme and we will be celebrating 10 years as a Club; we have helped over 320 people make Steps back to Employment (8½ years as a CAP club.)           
[Mark Willett] 

7. The Olive Grove Community Cafe is looking for volunteers – and see attached 

The Olive Grove Community Cafe is looking for volunteers! There are a variety of roles and if you could spare a morning each week or two, it would be great to hear from you. The cafe is a friendly safe space for people to chat and make friends and we would like to open again on more days. Could you help? Contact Sarah Steele