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A Preston West Church




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A Preston West Church






The Church in Preston: 

25th Oct 2021    

It’s nearly time for the clocks to ‘FALL’ back (this coming Sunday) trust that you are enjoying the glory of Autumn. Whilst we move into November, we just praise our Creator, revelling in the awesome, changing beauty of nature. 

We’re aiming for the next mailing to be in about a month, please let me have details to share of major events by Sunday 28th November. That email will cover Christmas and New Year, but please remember that we do not include ‘normal’ Christmas events, each Church has sooooo many, it’s wonderful!! 



Main news:  

1. Saturday October 30th, 7.30pm An English Musical Renaissance at St Leonard’s see attached poster 

2. Mon 1st Nov, 1.00pm: St Matthew’s job club is open each Monday afternoon 

3. Mon 8 Nov: Resound Worship’s Doxecology Concert Tour at Carey   see attached poster

4. Thur 11th Nov, 10.00am: CAP Job Club @ Penwortham Community Centre, Kingsfold Drive see attached poster 

5. Fri 12th Nov 7:30pm: Patrick Regan from Kintsugi Hope, at St Cuthbert’s  

6. Tuesday evenings in November: TT Christus Centre presents Christian Literacy  

8. Can you loan tables to The Salvation Army Foodbank for December please? (and a THANK YOU) 


7. Online Retreats with Donna Worthington – see below  

9. Tues 26 Oct 7:30pm: Preston Street Pastors invite YOU to a celebration at Fulwood Free MC


1. Sat 30th Oct 7.30pm: English Musical Renaissance at St Leonard’s see attached poster 

Preston Orpheus Choir concert will include music by Sullivan, Parry, Stanford, Elgar with the main piece being Vaughan William’s ‘Five Mystical Songs’.  Accompanist: Paul Greenhalgh, Organist: Robin Stopford.  Soloists: Susan Barnes (Soprano) and Philip Walsh (Baritone).  Admission £10 (under 18s free) - just turn up and pay on the door - St Leonard’s, Marshalls Brow, Penwortham, PR1 9JA 

ALSO: all being well we will have a Christmas concert with Freckleton Brass Band at St Aidan's, Bamber Bridge on Saturday 11th December at 7.00pm, details next month.  [Mick Gardner] 

2. Mon 1st Nov, 1pm: St Matthew’s Job Club is open each Monday 

St Matthews Mission job club is now open again each Monday afternoon from 1.00pm to 3.00pm at the hall on Acregate Lane.  We are happy to help anyone who is unemployed to search for jobs online, to help them use computers and satisfy the requirements of Job Centre+   If you know anyone who would benefit, please send or bring them along. email: Greg Smith

3.  Mon 8 Nov: Resound Worship’s Doxecology Concert Tour at Carey Baptist see attached updated poster

Doxecology will be reflecting themes of creation, ecology and Christian hope.  We now have Dr Dave Gregory confirmed as our speaker [James] 

4. Thur 11th Nov, 10am: CAP Job Club @ Penwortham Community Centre, Kingsfold Dr. see attached.   If you are looking for a job and have been out of work for a while, our Steps to Employment programme will really help you make a fresh start, with access to one-to-one coaching, email, phone support and a weekly vacancy newsletter. [Mark Willett] 

5. Fri 12th Nov 7:30pm: Patrick Regan from Kintsugi Hope speaking at St Cuthbert’s 

Patrick Regan OBE from Kintsugi Hope is coming to Preston as part of his Bouncing Forwards Tour. Tackling themes of wellbeing, Patrick will be unpacking the themes of this latest book Bouncing Forwards, taking questions from the live audience, sharing inspirational videos and music and getting real about how to keep going when life is difficult. The event will have a faith component, though is suitable for people from all faiths and none. 

To book in to come to St Cuthbert’s, Fulwood on 12th November 7.30pm, please visit: www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/bouncing-forwards-tour-st-cuthberts-preston-tickets-153486126135   [Mark & Michael] 

6. Tuesday evenings (7pm) in November: TT Christus Centre presents Christian Literacy  

These are online and face-to-face workshops and programmes that seek to reduce our self-love to allow our souls to be Transformed by God's Love.  Themes for the five November Tuesdays are: Is God Good?  Discipline, Silence and Devotion; The First Cause; The Subjective Culture; The Powers of the Soul. 

A different series runs on Saturday mornings.   Some Workshops cost £10 others £20, unless otherwise stated. The long-term program costs £10 per session. For bookings, please see the website www.transformativetheology.com/   or email Dr Gilda Darlas: or WhatsApp: 07535 306028 

7. Online Retreats with Donna Worthington  

Sat 30th Oct 2pm: THE STORY OF A SOUL  (OR Mon 1st Nov 10.00am  -1.00pm)  

Sun 7th Nov 2pm: IGNATIAN TRAINING  

Wed 24th Nov 6.30pm: SOUL-JOURNEY  

Sat 27th Nov 2.00pm: THE CLOUD OF UNKNOWING (OR Mon 29th Nov 10.00am -1.00pm).  

Fri 17th December 6.30pm: ADVENT RETREAT  

All retreats cost £20, unless otherwise stated. For bookings, please see the website https://christianretreats.live   or contact Donna Worthington

Additionally if anyone would like to explore Contemplative Christian prayer: events in various NW venues are funded by WCCM and free for participants, just email Donna for details. 

8.  Can you loan tables to The Salvation Army Foodbank for December please? – and a thank you 

Are there any tables that a Church or other organisation would be able to loan the Salvation Army Foodbank for our Christmas mission? They would be used to store or sort gift/toys for the children of ‘Families in Need’ at Christmastime.  We asking for about 8 - 10 rectangular tables (if they folded down then even better for transportation) and looking to borrow them from late November to 22nd Dec or the beginning of January. 

ANYONE able to offer tables please?  [contact 01772 555425 - Claire Bowerman, Community Centre Co-Ordinator] 

ALSO – THANK YOU to all those who have donated goods for the Food Bank, especially through Harvest Church Services.  We had a wonderful response, as a result making an enormous difference to many families. [Claire & Natalie]