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A Preston West Church




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A Preston West Church






The Church in Preston: 

28th Sept 2021   

Hi, welcome to the Preston Churches events update for October on.  We’re aiming for the next mailing to be in just under a month, please let me have details to share of any major events by Sunday 24th October


Ken Curphey

Main news: 

1, “try alpha Preston” – see link below 

2. Tue 4 Oct at 7.45am: ‘Praying for Preston’ continues on Zoom – see below 

3. Tues 26 Oct 7:30pm: Preston Street Pastors invite YOU to a celebration at Fulwood Free MC see below & attached

4. Mon 8 Nov: Resound Worship’s Doxecology Concert Tour at Carey – see below & attached 

5. Salvation Army Foodbank – food donations please – see below 

6. Online Retreats with Donna Worthington – see below 


7. Thurs 30 Sept: CAP Job Club @ Penwortham (see email 23.08.21)


1, “try Alpha Preston”

We are trialling a campaign called “try Alpha Preston” with a few churches collaborating to launch Alpha across Preston. We’re aware there may be others launching alpha too, we’re not wanting to exclude anyone, it’s mainly just a trial to see if we can make a bigger splash by collaborating! Here is a link to the video: https://youtube/bPcnzCCYZW4

More info: ‘A number of city centre churches have decided this Autumn to collaborate together by running Alpha Courses during October and November. Although the courses will be run by the individual churches, those involved have contributed to the costs of producing a new promotional video and a new website, which will enable people to link to a church running Alpha near where they live. There will also be adverts on the buses and at bus stops in Preston.  This initiative is being spearheaded by Preston Minster and is a trial to see how this kind of collaboration works Other churches may be also running Alpha at various times over the next year and may want to use the excellent video.’  The link to the video: https://youtube/bPcnzCCYZW4 . There is also a website: tryalphapreston.org  

For more details please contact: office@prestonminster.org [Sam Haigh & Dave Hanson] 

2. Tue 4 Oct, 7.45am: ‘Praying for Preston’ continues each Tuesday morning on Zoom – YOU are welcome to join us, for details please send an email to Andy: andrewpratt1@btinternet.com 

3. Tues 26 Oct 7:30pm: Preston Street Pastors invite YOU to an evening celebration at Fulwood Free MC – see below & attached 

Preston Street Pastors invite you to an evening celebration on Tuesday 26th October 7:30pm at Fulwood Free Methodist Church.  Hear from local Street Pastors and from the founder of Street Pastors, Rev Les Isaac. All are welcome! [Paul Blackett] 

4. Mon 8 Nov: Resound Worship’s Doxecology Concert Tour at Carey – see below & attached 

We are delighted to welcome Resound Worship’s Doxecology Concert Tour to Carey Baptist Church on Monday the 8th of November.  Doxecology is an album of thirteen songs on themes of Creation, Ecology and Christian Hope.  The concert, which coincides with the COP 26 climate talks, will include worship from the album, a speaker from Christian environmental group A Rocha and a refreshment break.  Doors open at 7pm for a 7.30pm start – the concert will finish around 9.30pm.  Tickets, £7 per person, are available from Eventbrite here

The Baptist Union Environment Network (BUEN) will also launch their group in the North West at the concert. 

We have a small car park available with spaces for around 30 cars – however, we are also only 100m from the Preston Bus Station Multi-Storey car park. Or it would be great to be environmentally friendly and car share, walk or catch the bus.  

We are looking for accommodation for four individuals, all single, the evening of the concert (8th Nov).  I am trying to get some of them put up with folk at Carey, but I think we are going to struggle to accommodate them all, so if YOU could help please email: revjamesw@blueyonder.co.uk. [James Watterson] 

5. Salvation Army Foodbank - food donations please 

In general we continue to need: 

Longlife milk, sugar,   tinned soup,               tinned spaghetti hoops,           tinned potatoes,          

tinned vegetables,       jars of pasta sauce,      tinned rice pudding,                biscuits and coffee.   

We are now running low on: 

Toiletries: especially Soap, Shampoo & Conditioner, shower gel, men’s and lady's deodorants, soap powder and washing up liquid.  

Any help with the above would be greatly appreciated!  The Salvation Army Centre is on Harrington Street (PR1 7BN), accessed from Moor Lane. Thank you. [Claire & Natalie] 

6. Online Retreats with Donna Worthington 

Wed 29th Sept 6.30pm: THE FIRE, THE WELL & THE CLOAK Explore the spirituality of St Brigid and her compelling symbolism.  

Sat 30th Oct 2.00pm: THE STORY OF A SOUL  St Therese’s wisdom testifying to the deep reality of a life lived in the profound love of God (OR Mon 1st Nov 10.00am-1.00pm)

Sun 7th Nov 2.00pm: IGNATIAN TRAINING for individuals and groups who want to train in Ignatian Imaginative Guided Prayer.  

Sat 27th Nov 2.00pm: THE CLOUD OF UNKNOWING Explore this incredible mystical text written in the 14thC, a profound guide on prayer OR Mon 29th November 10am-1pm. 

Fri 17th December 6.30pm: ADVENT RETREAT Take time out of the business and attend to the beauty and wonder of this time of waiting for the Light of The World. 

All retreats cost £20, unless otherwise stated. For bookings, please see the website https://christianretreats.live or contact Donna Worthington drworthington@live.co.uk